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Season 46 Minor League Power Rankings

Lebanon, KS – With the minor-league playoffs just starting, who are the best teams in the minors? The minor-league power rankings are hard to quantify across various levels. They are based on overall season performance, not necessarily the team's current makeup, given promotions and demotions. Without further ado, here are the Yount Season 46 Minor League Power Rankings:

1) Chicago Cubs High A (106-38) – This was a straightforward choice, as the Cubs won the most games in the minors. A complete team featured the #4 offense, the #2 pitching, and #1 fielding in High A. They are not the same team as Yonder Ordaz and Jarrod Maxwell were promoted after terrorizing pitchers. On the flip side, they have benefitted from promotions also, with Carlos Castro dominating in his 14 starts. If anything, the Cubs deserve the nod for their dominance of the minor leagues.

2) Tampa Bay Rays Low A (99-45) – Hitting, pitching, and defense are a good combination. The Rays Low A team features many minor league veterans hanging on for their baseball lives, with a few prospects like Fausto Jimenez.

3) Chicago White Sox Triple-A (99-45) – KingKai53 always puts together a great farm system. The pitching is the story here, as it is downright dominant. Jim Marisnick, Tony Vanguri, and Terrell Hall finished 2/3/4 in the Cy Young Voting.

4) Anaheim Angels Rookie (60-16) – Okay, so you thought that fflgopher who almost left the league would mail it in? He never does, and his rookie team was dominant. It is hard to pick an offensive MVP from Trot Cirillo, Rando Grimsley, or David Navarro. How about having four pitchers in the top four of the Cy Young voting? (Campbell, Kinney, Bastardo, and McConnell) Good luck against this team in the playoffs.

5) Louisville Colonels High A (100-44) – It looks like a collision course of college roommates at the High A level. Jason Beech continues his progression in the minors, going 19-4 (sorry, Nodak) in his 29 starts. He could be a 4A player, but he has dominated. Don't make a mistake with three players hitting at least 30 home runs.

6) Atlanta Braves Rookie (60-16) – Alex Chatwood and Tiny Hill make a fierce 1-2 punch in the lineup, hitting over 30 home runs each. But wait, that's not all. Tom Zimmerman went .364/.424/.603/1.026, and first-round pick Charles Hannity was excellent and shows prospect potential.

7) Anaheim Angels Double-A (103-41) – It wouldn't be a top-ten list without the Angels' well-represented. Al Guerrero was a critical free-agent minor league signing, as he won the AA Cy Young and generally dominated. Brent Diekman was a beast at the plate, as playing in just 119 games, he had 43 HRs and 116 RBI.

8) Chicago White Sox Low A (100-44) – Just Win Baby. The White Sox Low A team racked up 100 wins and was solid across the board. Renyel Cruz was a doubles machine with 40 and chipped in 123 runs and 132 RBI to go with 22 steals. The White Sox are the team to watch in Low A as they have three consistent starters that each made 29 starts, which is key in playoff baseball.

9) Anaheim Angels High A (93-51) – The third appearance in the top ten for the Angels. The Angels featured the best pitching in High A, with all 14 pitchers having a WHIP lower than 1.34, which in the offensively-minded High A level is an accomplishment.

10) Atlanta Braves Double-A (91-53) – Buoyed by a great free agent signing, D'Arby Harper went out and won the Cy Young. Walter Sele and Willis Medina finished #3 and #4 in the voting. This is a solid team with a group of very good minor league players.

11) Chicago Cubs Rookie

12) Washington D.C. Nationals HiA

13) Baltimore Orioles Rookie

14) New York Yankees AAA

15) Pittsburgh Pirates AA

16) Baltimore Orioles AAA

17) Chicago Cubs AA

18) Chicago Cubs LowA

19) Baltimore Orioles AA

20) New York Mets AAA

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