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Season 43 Organization of the Year

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Reno, Nevada (GUGOOHG) - Welcome to the blog. As we get the league up and running, we will try and point out some of the things happening, similar to the old blog in McCabe. As evidenced in the private league rules, we want owners that also pay attention to their minors. With at least fifteen new owners, it also provides a baseline of where each organization is currently at. Last year's organization of the year is the Anaheim Angels and fflgopher.

We here at Get Up Get Out of Here Gone think the Owner of the Year maintains a stable farm system, and the Big league club should be in a position to make a postseason run. The lower-level squads should be hunting to capture a minor league World Series Championship. The winner of the Get Up Get Out of Here Gone Owner of the Year Award should field competitive teams at every level.

We use a point system to crown our Owner of the Year. With the most points, the Owner will receive the Get Up Get Out of Here Gone Owner of the Year Award.

A very special shout out to the Angels and Diamondbacks, who made the playoffs at every level. There were six franchises that didn't secure any playoff berths.

Point System

Total Wins + Playoff Teams + Championships Each team will receive one point for each win and BONUS POINTS: Major League 75 points for making the playoffs, AAA playoffs 50 points, AA playoffs 38, High A playoffs 27, Low A playoffs 18, and Rookie League playoffs 12.

Bonus Points for World Series and League Pennant Major League World Series winner 75 points, ML Pennant winner 75, AAA World Series winner 50 points, AAA Pennant winner 50, AA World Series winner 38 points, AA Pennant winner 38, High A World Series winner 27 points, High A Pennant winner 27, Low A World Series winner 18 points, Low A Pennant winner 18, Rookie World Series winner 12 points, and Rookie Pennant winner 12.

Note: World Series winner receives points for winning the WS, Pennant, and a Playoff Team (ML example; WS 75 + Pen 75 + Playoff 75 = 225).

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