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Season 47 Minor League Power Rankings

Lebanon, KS – With the minor-league playoffs just starting, who are the best teams in the minors? Minor-league power rankings are hard to quantify across various levels. They are based on overall season performance, not necessarily the team's current makeup, given promotions and demotions. Without further ado, here are the Yount Season 47 Minor League Power Rankings:

1) Tampa Bay Rays Rookie (64-12): This team had the best winning percentage in the minor leagues based on the strength of arguably the best hitting in the minors. With a team split of .345/.432/.562, they almost hit over 1.o00 on OPS. They averaged over 10.5 runs per game. The Rays were built with nine picks in the first 85 in the Season 47 draft, which has set a foundation for the Rays.

2) Chicago Cubs Low A (115-29): Normally, 115 wins would get you the top spot. The Cubs had the best hitting and pitching in Low A, with only fielding being a slight blind spot. The Low A Cubs had five players hit at least 20 home runs. Jose Gomez could potentially be the minor-league pitcher of the year, going 17-4 with a 1.97 ERA and 1.15 WHIP.

3) Chicago Cubs Double A (104-40): The future is bright on the North Side as the Cubs grab another spot in the power rankings. The Cubs were solid across the board, ranking in the top 7 in hitting, pitching, and fielding. The top of the rotation with Trey York and Al Acosta will make the Cubbies a tough out in the playoffs.

4) Chicago Cubs Rookie (54-22): Three straight spots?!? The theme of the Cubs being complete follows through as they feature the #2 offense, #3 pitching, and #3 fielding, further highlighting how dominant the Rays' rookie offense was. Alex Moreno, a 2nd round pick from up I94 at UW-Parkside, lit it up with a .393/.484/.773 split, launching 26 bombs.

5) Louisville Colonels Double A (85-59): There is something to be said for the algorithm when the Colonels get to this spot with just 85 wins. This team is here because of pitching, with the top three in the rotation, Magee, Aramboles, and Butler putting up gaudy numbers. Magee went 23-4 with a 2.60 ERA and 1.03 WHIP.

6) Baltimore Orioles Triple A (99-45): The first crack in the Whitewater mafia comes in the sixth spot and the first appearance by a Triple-A team. It is always challenging to crack the top ten as a Triple-A team. Generally, the teams are a little more even the higher the level. Neal Young was the headliner, with 41 HR and 134 RBI as a shortstop.

7) Tampa Bay Rays Double A (82-62): The algorithm engine is broken, as this team didn't even make the playoffs. Buoyed by the strength of a ridiculous defense with 95-plus plays, the Rays pitched very well, with Orval Tomlin and Mitchell King providing great starts and uber-prospect closer Jorge Aceves striking out 55 in 47.2.

8) Arizona Diamondbacks High A (97-47): The first appearance by a High-A team, the D-Backs were solid in all facets and are the top seed in the National League. Austin Jones went 23-3 with a 2.75 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP.

9) Milwaukee Brewers Double A (81-63): The wildcard in the AL, the Brewers, hit a high rate, led by Charlie Bessire, who hit 54 HRs and had 183 RBI. Danny Perry went for 41 HR and 160 RBI, giving the Double A Brewers a modern-day version of Harvey's Wallbangers.

10) Texas Rangers Rookie (58-18): Hitting 20 home runs in rookie league is a lot in the abbreviated season. The Rangers had three players do it. Amazingly, the first four picks by the Rangers started in Low A in above, meaning the Rangers have done rookie ball with a cast of others.

11) Seattle Mariners Triple-A

12) Chicago Cubs High A

13) Minnesota Twins Rookie

14) Baltimore Orioles Low A

15) Anaheim Angels High A

16) New York Yankees High A

17) Chicago Cubs Triple-A

18) Tampa Bay Rays High A

19) Minnesota Twins Double A

20) New York Mets Triple-A

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