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Season 49 Minor League All-Pros

Beloit, WI - With the end of the minor-league regular season in Yount, we wanted to recognize the All-Pro Team, which will undoubtedly create controversy.

Catcher - Endy Gordon, High-A Dodgers

Runs: 120 Hits: 182 HR: 42 RBI: 147 SB: 0

AVG: .301 OBP: .380 SLG: .577 OPS: .957

Gordon had one of the best years in the minors in Season 49 and then after heading back to the desolate confines of Kents Hill, Maine and spending all winter tapping maple syrup, he decided to call it quits. Gordon was a DITR prospect drafted in the 23rd round by the Tigers, but after four years of not progressing and being told that he wasn't getting a spring training invite, he went all in on maple syrup.

First Base - Timothy Maduro, AAA Nationals

Runs: 112 Hits: 175 HR: 52 RBI: 168 SB: 2

AVG: .300 OBP: .400 SLG: .619 OPS: 1.019 One of the most coveted minor league prospects, Maduro has spent four seasons in the minors and has bashed 220 home runs with a .317/.426/.642 slash. The 6th pick in the season 44 draft out of Livonia High School in Livonia, New York, this is probably the year we see Maduro in the majors as he has almost fully reached his potential. Maduro is a future ML All-Star and MVP candidate in a good year. One notable family relationship is Maduro is the grandson of Hall of Fame Billiards player Irving Crane.

Second Base - Nigel Mullin, High A/Double A Brewers

Runs: 147 Hits: 204 HR: 33 RBI: 154 SB: 22

AVG: .385 OBP: .491 SLG: .681 OPS: 1.172

Mullin is the rare player who played at two levels and made the minor league all-pro team. Recognized as the #3 prospect in Season 49, when will Mullin make his ML debut? With the most talented team in Yount and a saavy owner in willsuave, we are confident that Mullin will make his debut that maximizes his arbitration. The 4th overall pick by the Dodgers in season 46 out of Orchard View High School in Muskegon, Michigan, Mullin was traded in Season 48 for three current major leaguers.

Third Base - Grant Bandy, Low A Orioles

Runs: 125 Hits: 206 HR: 37 RBI: 166 SB: 1

AVG: .328 OBP: .402 SLG: .588 OPS: .990 Bandy had a very solid year for the very strong Orioles organization. A 2nd round pick in season 48 out of Georgia College & State University, Bandy was born in Green Bay and is the son of Packers FB Matt Snider. Bandy projects out as a 4A player. Shortstop - Wilson Milone, High-A Orioles

Runs: 163 Hits: 191 HR: 27 RBI: 152 SB: 31

AVG: .314 OBP: .420 SLG: .543 OPS: .963 In addition to the outstanding offensive numbers, Milone is an absolute beast in the field, with 19 plus plays against zero negative plays. A first round pick (#17 overall) in season 47 out of St. Joseph's. Milone has the skill set to make it to the majors as he is excellent defensively and hits well enough. He is starting Season 50 at Double-A and projects out to arrive in the majors in Season 52. Outfield - Deven Neris, Double-A Blue Jays

Runs: 113 Hits: 192 HR: 40 RBI: 146 SB: 3

AVG: .332 OBP: .404 SLG: .597 OPS: 1.010 The 10th overall pick in the Season 47 draft out of American Fork High School in American Fork, Utah, Neris was rated as the #11 overall prospect in Yount in Season 49. Neris is on track to make his debut either in season 50 or 51 depending on how quickly the Jays want him up. Neris is the cousin of Daniel Wayne Sermon, the lead guitarist in Imagine Dragons.

Outfield - Pascual Maduro, Low-A Athletics

Runs: 143 Hits: 198 HR: 51 RBI: 167 SB: 9

AVG: .340 OBP: .416 SLG: .695 OPS: 1.111

After spending two years in AAA, Maduro got sent to Low A where he really found his groove, putting up some of the best numbers in the minors last year. A native of the Dominican Republic, Maduro spends his free-time promoting dental hygiene and has used most of his signing bonus on floss for kids. Outfield - Sam Linden, Rookie Twins

Runs: 100 Hits: 106 HR: 26 RBI: 124 SB: 6

AVG: .331 OBP: .418 SLG: .700 OPS: 1.118 The second overall pick in the season 49 draft, Linden wasted no time getting acclimated to the minor leagues. Barring injury, Linden projects out as a bonafide major leaguer. Although always up to no good, Linden was born in the shadows of what is now SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Designated Hitter - Keith Clark, Rookie Rays

Runs: 85 Hits: 112 HR: 21 RBI: 93 SB: 7

AVG: .376 OBP: .478 SLG: .745 OPS: 1.223

With the highest OPS of the All-Pros, Clark was a lock as the designated hitter. A supplemental first-round pick (#39 overall) out of Lakewood High School in Lakewood, New Jersey, Clark had an interesting childhood as the son of two Carnys, traveling the country wherever the tilt-o-whirl was needed. This has allowed Clark to feel at home in a clubhouse, as he has seen the country and met plenty of interesting people.

Starting Pitcher - Kris Jensen, High A Mariners

Games: 28 Games Started: 28 W-L: 21-1 Inn: 193.1

BB: 41 SO: 146 WHIP: 1.18 ERA: 2.89

The Staff of GUGOOHG struggled to come up with a winner for the best starting pitcher, as there was not a clear cut choice. So when all else fails, go with the ultimate team stat of wins and losses, right NodakJuggalo?

Relief Pitcher - Luis Peralta, Triple A Padres

Games: 40 Saves: 38 W-L: 0-1 Inn: 36.1

BB: 9 SO: 41 WHIP: 0.96 ERA: 1.49

Thrust into the closer role after huge success as a middle reliever in season 48, Peralta did not disappoint, as he was lights out, converting 38 of 39 saves. A native of the Dominican Republic, could a big league call up be in his future?

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