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Season 50 Top 100 Yount Prospects

Kewaskum, WI - There is a new sheriff in town with the Nationals have taken over the minor leagues, with 12 prospects topping the Yount Top 100 prospects. Although the ever strong Brewers have the top three prospects in Yount and are begging for more with Rosales on the trade block. Santo Franco, last year's top prospect has moved on, so Nigel Mullin who seemingly has been in the minors for seventeen years is the new top dog. The talent continues to be even more evenly disbursed in the minors, as other than the Nationals and Brewers no team had more than four. There were seven teams that had four: Cubs, Tigers, Marlins, Colonels, Mariners, Rays, and the Blue Jays. Colorado was the only team that did not have a player in the top 100.

Without further adieu, here are the top 100 prospects for Season 50:

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