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Season 44 Minor League Power Rankings

Lebanon, KS – With the minor-league playoffs in full swing and some teams already eliminated, who are the best teams in the minors? The minor-league power rankings are hard to quantify across various levels, but without further ado, here are the Yount Season 44 Minor League Power Rankings:

1) Detroit Tigers AAA (108-36) – The AAA Tigers are the most complete team in the minors, with the best pitching and fielding in AAA and a top-five hitting squad. The Tigers AAA had an astonishing 113 plus plays defensively.

2) Washington D.C. Nationals High A (115-29) – Perhaps they should be #1 in the power rankings, as the Nationals do have the most wins of any minor-league team. Buoyed by eight all-stars, the Nationals dominated on the mound.

3) Cincinnati Reds AA (100-44) – Absolutely loaded with prospects for most of the year, don’t look for the Reds in the AA playoffs, as most prospects have moved on to AAA. The power rankings take into account the body of work and the Reds had a stellar year, particularly at the plate.

4) Anaheim Angels Rookie (55-21) – Not the flashiest team, but the pitching and defense carried this team. The defense up the middle of supplemental 1st round pick Kenny Roberts at SS and supplemental 1st round pick Yovani Vizquel in CF (currently on the DL) make this a very tough team in the playoffs.

5) Anaheim Angels Low A (108-36) – Tied for the 2nd best minor league win total, the Angels are another solid team that in the lower levels of the minors relies on defense for wins. It doesn’t hurt to have probable Cy Young Del Bastardo on the mound, but putting an all Gold Glove OF behind him isn’t fair.

6) Baltimore Orioles Rookie (59-17) – This team might be a surprise as #6, as they are not spectacular, but their run differential was the best in the minors. Led by veteran Ralph Sweeney, the probable Cy Young, and 4th round pick Mandy Nixon at S.S., the Orioles are the top seed in the A.L.

7) Anaheim Angels High A (96-48) – You aren’t the defending organization of the year without having a great minor league system. The Angels make their third appearance in the top ten with their High A squad and like a bottle of high-end Prell, it is wash, rinse repeat with pitching and defense.

8) Washington D.C. Nationals Rookie (55-21) – It will be an interesting matchup in the playoffs between the solid overall Nationals and the #6 Orioles. The Nationals have an insane bullpen with sophomore Vic Solarte appearing seemingly every night and throwing darts.

9) Baltimore Orioles AAA (97-47) -The Orioles make their second appearance in the top ten, boasting the top AAA team in the American League. A very solid team all around, littered with some prospects and players with major league experience, they might be a legitimate 4A club.

10) Arizona Diamondbacks Rookie (65-11) – Perhaps they should be rated higher, but it is seemingly a mirage. The noted American Philosopher Herm Edwards has said, “You play to win the game.” The Diamondbacks boast the best winning percentage in the minors at an insane .855 clip. To put that in perspective, that would be 139 ML wins. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

11) Philadelphia Phillies AAA

12) Chicago Cubs Rookie

13) Cincinnati Reds HiA

14) Anaheim Angels AA

15) Minnesota Twins LowA

16) Washington D.C. Nationals AA

17) New York Yankees LowA

18) New York Yankees AA

19) Oakland Athletics LowA

20) Chicago Cubs AAA

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