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Season 45 Minor League All-Pro Team

Beloit, WI - With the end of the minor-league regular season in Yount, we wanted to recognize the All-Pro Team, which will be sure to create controversy. Catcher - Frank Tipton (Tigers - High A)

Runs: 100 Hits: 147 HR: 29 RBI: 106 SB: 0 AVG: .323 OBP: .397 SLG: .587 OPS: .984 There were catchers with better offensive numbers, but Tipton was the most complete catcher in the minors this year, as he was excellent behind the dish, throwing out 50 runners and 43% overall. Tipton is in his fifth year in the minors after being a 4th round pick in the Season 41 draft.

First Base - Kolten Izquierdo (Padres - High A)

Runs: 116 Hits: 116 HR: 55 RBI: 140 SB: 0 AVG: .314 OBP: .426 SLG: .693 OPS: 1.119 Kolten is pure consistency, as his career minor league numbers in four seasons are .315/.422/674, which pretty much match his output this season. His OPS last year? 1.119 in High A. Izquierdo is from Chihuahua, Mexico and was a bargain in Season 42, signing as an IFA for a $225,000 bonus.

Second Base - Germany Cordova (Reds - High A)

Runs: 136 Hits: 202 HR: 63 RBI: 185 SB: 15 AVG: .366 OBP: .432 SLG: .781 OPS: 1.213 Cordova absolutely terrorized High-A pitching this year, absolutely pulverizing baseballs. Perhaps his ranking as the #60 overall prospect needs to be reevaluated. Cordova was the #8 overall pick in the Season 44 draft out of Missouri State. Cordova's parents named him for a long-time friend of the family, Herr Berger, who starred in German educational films titled Guten Tag.

Shortstop - Fred Dickinson (Yankees - High A)

Runs: 129 Hits: 171 HR: 14 RBI: 81 SB: 6 AVG: .304 OBP: .407 SLG: .478 OPS: .885 Perhaps the title of the blog post should have been the High A all-stars, as Dickinson pulled off the difficult double of winning the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove. The 27th overall pick in the Season 43 draft, Dickinson has a future in the majors based on his glove. He had 28 plus plays at SS this year.

Third Base - Parker Myette (Colonels - Triple A)

Runs: 90 Hits: 156 HR: 45 RBI: 136 SB: 16 AVG: .328 OBP: .404 SLG: .672 OPS: 1.076 Myette has superstar written all over him, as he checked in at the beginning of the year as the #3 prospect in Yount. Myette only played in 120 games this year, so stamina and playing through fatigue could be an issue in the future. He was the Futures Game MVP this season and should be in the majors next year. Myette was the 2nd overall pick in the season 43 draft out of San Diego State.

Outfield - Hideki Uehara (Tigers - Triple A)

Runs: 117 Hits: 144 HR: 44 RBI: 118 SB: 18 AVG: .300 OBP: .385 SLG: .635 OPS: 1.020 Uehara is in just his third season in the minors and has been impressive in limited action, playing just 74 games last year and 123 this season. As the #6 prospect in Yount, he also has superstar potential and started to show it in Triple-A at the age of 20. Uehara had high expectations out of Japan, signed as an 18-year-old for the second-highest amount in season 43 at $20.1 Million, which looks like a bargain.

Outfield - Curtis Cohen (Nationals - Double A)

Runs: 132 Hits: 196 HR: 44 RBI: 151 SB: 22 AVG: .345 OBP: .405 SLG: .676 OPS: 1.081 The 8th pick overall in the season 43 draft out of Murray State College, Cohen goes by the nickname Hi-C, which was given to him in the dorms for his love of mixing Hi-C with all sorts of intoxicants. He has somehow been able to pass every drug test provided.

Outfield - Jarrod Maxwell (Cubs - High A)

Runs: 120 Hits: 167 HR: 66 RBI: 174 SB: 0 AVG: .292 OBP: .352 SLG: .682 OPS: 1.034 Maxwell patrolled right field for the High A Cubs and is better known for the viral video of getting stuck in the tarp in rookie league in season 41. He has come a long way since then, slugging 66 home runs and knocking in 174. Maxwell is destined to be a 500 HR talent in the minors if he continues to play.

Designated Hitter - Moises Encarnacion (Angels - Low A)

Runs: 133 Hits: 186 HR: 39 RBI: 156 SB: 2 AVG: .319 OBP: .413 SLG: .617 OPS: 1.030 Encarnacion found a home with the Angels, his fourth organization in his ten-year minor league career. The winner of the Low-A MVP, Encarnacion affectionally known as Gramps in the Angels clubhouse led the Angels to 111 wins.

Starting Pitcher - Todd Murton (Orioles - Low A/High A)

Games: 30 Games Started: 30 W-L: 24-3 Inn: 193.1

BB: 40 SO: 190 WHIP: 0.96 ERA: 2.09

Murton is another prospect that needs to be reevaluated on the Yount 100, as he checked in at #53. He has been absolutely dominant in his first two minor-league seasons, with a cumulative whip of 1.01 and ERA of 2.01. The #14 overall pick out of Minneapolis Community & Technical College, Murton dazzled after getting called up to High-A, with even better numbers in four starts.

Relief Pitcher - Lefty Mathis (Braves - Low A)

Games: 50 Saves: 42 W-L: 1-2 Inn: 50.2

BB: 22 SO: 43 WHIP: 1.20 ERA: 2.13

Mathis led the minors in saves after coming under new ownership and not doing too much in his first two seasons. A supplemental first-round pick in season 43 out of Cotulla, Texas, his real name is Winchester Malcolm Mathis IV, but after showing such a strong arm, he now goes by lefty.

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