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Season 45 Minor League Power Rankings

Lebanon, KS – With the minor-league playoffs in full swing and some teams already eliminated, who are the best teams in the minors? The minor-league power rankings are hard to quantify across various levels, but without further ado, here are the Yount Season 45 Minor League Power Rankings:

1) Anaheim Angels AA (99-45) – A very complete team, featuring the #4 offense, the best pitching, and #2 fielding in AA. A.J. Phillips continued his assault on minor-league pitching with 47 home runs and 119 RBI. On the mound, workhorse Dioner Matos went 23-4 with a 3.10 ERA and 1.15 WHIP in 229 innings.

2) Anaheim Angels Low A (111-33) – The most wins in the minors were with the Low A affiliate of the Angels. As with the other Angels teams, they are complete, featuring the #3 hitting team, #1 pitching and #2 defense.

3) Louisville Colonels AA (104-40) – Al “Son of A” Beech powered the offense with 48 HR and 160 RBI with a .318/.383/.649 line. With 104 wins, the Colonels are the favorite in the NL AA playoffs.

4) Baltimore Orioles Rookie (64-12) – Perhaps they should be #1 in the power rankings, as the Orioles have an insane winning percentage of .842. Five batters have an OPS of over 1.000, with a team OPS of .920. Don’t leave any pitches up against the Birds.

5) Washington D.C. Nationals Low A (106-38) – This team just flat-out hits. They are on-base at a .397 clip, averaging 8.2 runs per game. If you want to stop them in the playoffs, you better be able to pitch. Amazingly the Nationals had six players with over 100 RBI and seven players with over 100 runs scored. Good luck sleeping pitchers.

6) Seattle Mariners Rookie (59-17) – Another offensive machine, the Mariners averaged 8.42 runs per game. Led by SS Breyvil Buford, who was a supplemental 1st round pick, he went .392/.464/.665 in his debut, driving in 104 runs in the shortened rookie league season.

7) Atlanta Braves Low A (104-40) – Kudos to mark102857 for embracing his minor-league system. There is talent on the way for the Braves. This was a team that just kept winning all year long and is the #1 seed in the NL. Closer Lefty Mathis was especially impressive, notching 42 saves.

8) Chicago Cubs High A (98-46) – The bash brothers reside in High A Chicago with Gaylord Oeltjen and Jarrod Maxwell bashing 68 and 66 home runs and knocking in 189 and 174 runs. That it definitely a good recipe for wins.

9) Louisville Colonels Low A (100-44) -The second appearance by the Colonels in the top ten. With the Braves in the same division, there were two 100 win teams in Low A in the same division. Major prospect Harry Quentin (#42) was moved up to High A, so fortunately teams will not see him in the playoffs.

10) Anaheim Angels Rookie (57-19) – The Angels are eyeing up another Organization of the Year with their third appearance in the top ten. The Angels rookie squad had a lot of rookie league vets that have become fan favorites. That experience should bode well in the playoffs.

11) New York Yankees AA

12) Chicago Cubs HiA

13) Atlanta Braves Rookie

14) Pittsburgh Pirates AA

15) Cincinnati Reds HiA

16) Cincinnati Reds AA

17) Anaheim Angels AAA

18) Baltimore Orioles AAA

19) Louisville Colonels HiA

20) Chicago Cubs AAA

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