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Season 46 Minor League All-Pros

Beloit, WI - With the end of the minor-league regular season in Yount, we wanted to recognize the All-Pro Team, which will undoubtedly create controversy.

Catcher - Harry Garcia Triple-A Diamondbacks

Runs: 93 Hits: 185 HR: 40 RBI: 132 SB: 0

AVG: .313 OBP: .362 SLG: .573 OPS: .935

Garcia was a beast at the plate. A 2nd round pick in Season 42, Garcia has been a mainstay in AAA for Arizona, just begging for the call-up. He is destined to be a 4A player, as he is limited defensively.

First Base - Steven Kydd - Double-A Yankees

Runs: 109 Hits: 172 HR: 53 RBI: 189 SB: 0

AVG: .302 OBP: .391 SLG: .633 OPS: 1.024

There were some ridiculous seasons at first base in the minors, but none more ridiculous than the 189 RBI by Kydd. Kydd was a 6th-round find in Season 43 out of Del Valle, Texas, where he was a big-time Quarterback recruit with his pick of offers. He signed with Arkansas and was dead set on being a Razorback to play football and baseball, but when the Yankees drafted him, he decided not to go to Walmart and went for Saks 5th Avenue instead.

2nd Base - Marv Crane - Double-A Mariners

Runs: 104 Hits: 146 HR: 33 RBI: 126 SB: 4

AVG: .309 OBP: .402 SLG: .619 OPS: 1.021

Crane is on a quick trajectory to the big show, as he was a 1st round pick in Season 45 and starred in Double-A in Season 46. Crane was drafted out of Bunker Hill Community College, which is internationally recognized for the development of individualized and alternative methods of instruction. Crane took this to the extreme, literally living in the batting cages.

Shortstop - Jair Chavez - High A Cubs

Runs: 104 Hits: 192 HR: 33 RBI: 151 SB: 6

AVG: .329 OBP: .381 SLG: .592 OPS: .973

Chavez is a complete shortstop, with great offensive credentials and 27 plus plays on defense. Chavez has pulled off the silver slugger/gold glove combo two years in a row at Low A and High A. His defense is major-league ready. Will he hit enough to be a stud? A native of the Virgin Islands, Chavez was an IFA in season 44 at what looks to be a bargain price of $7.5M.

Third Base - Charlie Cosby - Low A Diamondbacks

Runs: 116 Hits: 166 HR: 56 RBI: 158 SB: 0

AVG: .322 OBP: .380 SLG: .703 OPS: 1.083

Cosby was a repeat Low A player and terrorized pitchers. He now has racked up an impressive 134 home runs in three years in the minors. A 3rd round draft pick in Season 44 out of Butler County Community College, Cosby enjoys Sudoku, Siamese cats, and is a certified Horchata taster.

Outfield - Ebenezer Palmer - Double-A Orioles

Runs: 135 Hits: 202 HR: 23 RBI: 110 SB: 30

AVG: .354 OBP: .422 SLG: .605 OPS: 1.027

Ebenezer was a real scrooge to the rest of High A, as he was a threat at the plate and on the bases. Palmer was a 2nd round pick in Season 44 out of Spartanburg Methodist College in South Carolina. Palmer was involved in a controversy during the season when during a dizzy bat contest on the road he absolutely clotheslined one of the contestants, resulting in a two-game suspension, which is why he only played in 142 games this season.

Outfield - Larry Parque - High-A Colonels

Runs: 133 Hits: 182 HR: 31 RBI: 100 SB: 13

AVG: .331 OBP: .412 SLG: .604 OPS: 1.016

Parque is on a natural progression, spending a year at each level, and has yet to dip below a 1.000 in OPS. A second-round pick out of Vian High School in Vian, Oklahoma, he is the cousin of Junior Bryant of the band Ricochet, who plays the mandolin.

Outfield - Chet Tanner - Double-A Rockies

Runs: 133 Hits: 194 HR: 23 RBI: 126 SB: 23

AVG: .332 OBP: .419 SLG: .597 OPS: 1.016

A first-round pick in Season 43, Tanner is a fringe MLB prospect with a career slash of .326/416/.560/.976 in the minors. Tanner hails from Dixon, Illinois, the Catfish Capital of Illinois, and the boyhood home of former President Ronald Reagan.

Designated Hitter - Ramon Hukata - Rookie Phillies

Runs: 74 Hits: 107 HR: 20 RBI: 78 SB: 2

AVG: .359 OBP: .442 SLG: .678 OPS: 1.120

A first-round pick in Season 45 out of Swett High School in Crockett, California, Hukata is known for his grey eyebrows. Seriously, look at his picture.

Starting Pitcher - Tuck Daily - Low A Rays

Games: 27 Games Started: 27 W-L: 20-2 Inn: 197.2

BB: 37 SO: 189 WHIP: 1.04 ERA: 1.91

Tuck handled his demotion rather well, dominating the young hitters in Low A. When reached for comment, Daily commented, "All right, all right, all right. That's what I love about these single A hitters, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

Relief Pitcher - Bennie DeSoto - Low A Phillies

Games: 43 Saves: 25 W-L: 1-1 Inn: 51.1

BB: 7 SO: 53 WHIP: 0.95 ERA: 1.93

DeSoto looks like a career minor-leaguer, so it is great to get him some recognition. He has been the man in Low A for two consecutive years out of the bullpen, with a sub 1.00 WHIP and sub 2.00 ERA in consecutive seasons. DeSoto is a Georgia Bulldog, drafted in the 2nd round in Season 44.

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