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Season 48 Minor League All-Pros

Beloit, WI - With the end of the minor-league regular season in Yount, we wanted to recognize the All-Pro Team, which will undoubtedly create controversy.

Catcher - Max Benitez, High-A Rays

Runs: 105 Hits: 165 HR: 37 RBI: 113 SB: 0

AVG: .333 OBP: .407 SLG: .648 OPS: .648

Max "Glass" Benitez continues to put up video game numbers in his two minor-league seasons. A 3rd round pick in season 47, Benitez is a legit prospect for his bat alone. Somehow Benitez, from the small town of Cambridge, Ohio ended up at HBCU Jackson State, where he became a legend for hitting a 500+ foot home run that ended up breaking the window of a house across the street from the fence.

First Base - Jaime Mastroianni, Low-A Rays

Runs: 138 Hits: 191 HR: 53 RBI: 155 SB: 0

AVG: .346 OBP: .449 SLG: .712 OPS: 1.161

Part of the vaunted Season 47 draft class of the Rays, Mastroianni continues to absolutely rake in the minors. With two seasons of cumulative .352/.443/.732 Jaime looks like he could be a legit major league bat. The 13th overall pick out of HBCU Bishop State Community College, Mastroianni should find himself either dangled as trade bait or in the majors soon.

2nd Base - Josh Hayes, Low-A Diamondbacks

Runs: 120 Hits: 177 HR: 51 RBI: 144 SB: 0

AVG: .303 OBP: .356 SLG: .636 OPS: .992

Hayes is another Season 47 draft pick, going in the 4th round out of Arkansas, Monticello. Hayes projects out as a good minor league player, with limited skills to make it much beyond AA. Hayes originally hails from Bridgeport, Washington a small town of just over 2000 people, known for the Chief Joseph Dam, just upstream from the city limits.

Shortstop - Reynel Cruz, High-A White Sox

Runs: 116 Hits: 171 HR: 17 RBI: 67 SB: 34

AVG: .279 OBP: .331 SLG: .423 OPS: .754

An absolute defensive wizard, Cruz pulled off the rare SS double of winning the silver slugger and gold glove. Cruz amassed an unreal 32 plus plays at SS. Cruz might make it to the majors as a defensive specialist, as his bat is suspect. Signed at a relative bargain of $1.1M as an IFA from the Dominican in Season 45 by kingkai53, Cruz will continue to dazzle in the field.

Third Base -Charlie Crosby, High-A Diamondbacks

Runs: 124 Hits: 181 HR: 65 RBI: 174 SB: 2

AVG: .336 OBP: .394 SLG: .761 OPS: 1.155

Cosby was an absolute beast, crushing 65 bombs and 174 RBI. Crosby "retired" in the off-season, but unless you are an absolute gearhead, you know the true reasons. It wasn't until an undercover investigation that the truth was revealed: Charlie had been moonlighting as a tire and rubber salesman, selling exotic and high-performance tires to his fellow players and fans. Despite his unconventional side hustle, Charlie had a natural talent for sales and quickly became known as the "tire guru" of the minor leagues. After hanging up his cleats, Charlie has fully embraced his new career and even opened up his own tire store, "Cosby's Rubber Emporium."

Outfield - Turner Lamm, High-A Phillies

Runs: 150 Hits: 185 HR: 75 RBI: 180 SB: 14

AVG: .330 OBP: .429 SLG: .809 OPS: 1.238

This was an absolutely insane season by Lamm, as he hit 75 home runs and drove in 180 runs. Lamm was the 9th pick overall out of Stanford in the Season 45 draft and has had issues staying in the lineup until last season, where he showed out. Lamm was a stud at Stanford, leading the Cardinal to two College World Series appearances.

Outfield - Dick Reese, High-A Nationals

Runs: 102 Hits: 145 HR: 41 RBI: 133 SB: 8

AVG: .333 OBP: .416 SLG: .729 OPS: 1.145

Drafted one pick after Mastroianni in the Season 47 draft, Reese has also put up two monster seasons in his short time. Blessed with tremendous power, Reese should see time in the majors at some point. He has been plagued by fatigue issues, which saw him play in just 104 games last season. Another JUCO product, Reese is a product of Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, who counts among its notable alums, the former NBC anchor Brian Williams and Snooki and the Situation from Jersey Shore.

Outfield - Yorman Delgado, Triple-A Orioles

Runs: 102 Hits: 145 HR: 45 RBI: 156 SB: 12

AVG: .271 OBP: .362 SLG: .589 OPS: .951

Delgado has been an absolute beast in the minors and looks to stay on the opening day ML roster for the Orioles. The author of 239 minor-league home runs, Delgado was signed for $8M by Arte and the Montreal Expos and later traded along with Mark Suzuki to the Orioles for Roscoe Buschmann.

Designated Hitter - David James, Rookie Cubs

Runs: 92 Hits: 128 HR: 15 RBI: 92 SB: 3

AVG: .401 OBP: .496 SLG: .677 OPS: 1.173

You had our attention with the .401 average Mr. James. The MVP, Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger in Rookie Ball, James made the most of being a 3rd round pick out of Roff High School. Roff is an unincorporated community in Oklahoma of just 0.9 square miles. It is pretty easy to say James is the biggest thing to ever come out of Roff.

Starting Pitcher - Gabriel Santana, High-A Nationals

Games: 31 Games Started: 30 W-L: 19-5 Inn: 217.2

BB: 56 SO: 173 WHIP: 1.01 ERA: 1.82

Santana had a fantastic year and with his Diamond in the Rough status and improvement, he might make it to the big club at some point. Santana was an absolute workhorse, going 217.2 innings in just 30 starts. Santana is starting the year in Triple-A, could a call up happen this year?

Relief Pitcher - Dean Grimsley, Double-A Cubs

Games: 44 Saves: 41 W-L: 0-0 Inn: 37.2

BB: 7 SO: 30 WHIP: 0.90 ERA: 0.96

The stat line by Grimsley is filthy and fascinating. Essentially he saved a game every time he appeared, did not factor in any decisions and pitched fewer innings than he had saves. Grimsley is a 4A player who could win this again at some point if he deosn't retire.

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