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Season 50 Minor League All-Pros

Beloit, WI - With the end of the minor-league regular season in Yount, we wanted to recognize the All-Pro Team, which will undoubtedly create controversy.

Catcher - Orlando Figureoa, High A Red Sox

Runs: 122 Hits: 173 HR: 38 RBI: 143 SB: 0

AVG: .308 OBP: .366 SLG: .593 OPS: .959

Figureoa is a Titan. No, really he was a 2nd round pick in Season 49 from Cal State Fullerton. Orlando projects out as a 4A player, as he doesn't quite have the bat to make it all the way at his age, and his catching skills leave a little to be desired. Figureoa was born in Fulton, Mississippi, named after Robert Fulton, who invented the steamboat.

First Base - Thumper Rahl, Double A Padres

Runs: 121 Hits: 183 HR: 50 RBI: 152 SB: 0

AVG: .340 OBP: .414 SLG: .707 OPS: 1.121

What a major league name. Thumper was thumping this year with 50 home runs at a position in the minors that is hard to crack as an all-pro. Thumper might have had a career year as he repeated in Double A. He might find his way on a major league roster at some point, as his bat is solid enough. San Diego didn't search far when they drafted him out of Cal State San Bernadino in the 3rd round in Season 47, just up the road.

Second Base - Josh Hayes, Double A Diamondbacks

Runs: 106 Hits: 175 HR: 72 RBI: 176 SB: 0

AVG: .302 OBP: .360 SLG: .724 OPS: 1.084

Legendary scout Bernard "Missing" Fingers discovered Hayes as a 4th round pick out of Arkansas-Monticello. He has bashed an incredible 215 minor league home runs in just four seasons, thanks to a 99 overall power rating. Hayes might not have the bat to make it all the way up, but he is destined to be a minor league legend for as long as he wants to play.

Shortstop - Wilson Milone, Double A Orioles

Runs: 106 Hits: 167 HR: 27 RBI: 123 SB: 37

AVG: .318 OBP: .410 SLG: .581 OPS: .991

There is no truth to the rumor that GUGOOHG Headquarters only has murals of Milone on the walls, as he has been the darling of this blog for quite some time. He is arguably one of the most complete players in the minors, as every year he consistently produces offensively and defensively. In addition to the sterling offensive numbers, he is great defensively and a major reason why the Orioles are always in contention for Organization of the Year.

Third Base - Grant Bandy, High A Orioles

Runs: 106 Hits: 198 HR: 32 RBI: 168 SB: 1

AVG: .331 OBP: .407 SLG: .584 OPS: .991

Okay, so we don't have murals, but maybe we did paint the headquarters black and orange. The Orioles are stocked in the minors with players like Bandy, who was a 2nd round pick out of Georgia College and State University in Season 48. Bandy was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the son of former Packers offensive lineman Ross Verba.

Outfield - Pascual Maduro, Low A Athletics

Runs: 138 Hits: 190 HR: 40 RBI: 142 SB: 10

AVG: .336 OBP: .431 SLG: .658 OPS: 1.089

Maduro is once again a cautionary tale. He spent four years in the Oakland system and was thriving in Low A, marking back-to-back appearances as an all-pro, but he couldn't escape off the field trouble, which led to his sudden retirement and disappearance from Yount. Unbeknownst to the Athletics organization, Maduro was caught up in a Tibetan antelope black market scheme. The scarves go for $20,000 per and apparently selling one to the undercover agent posing as a clubbie is a no-go. Perhaps when Maduro is out of jail at age 35 he makes a comeback.

Outfield - Fausto Bennett, Low A Nationals

Runs: 138 Hits: 206 HR: 39 RBI: 172 SB: 0

AVG: .333 OBP: .398 SLG: .621 OPS: 1.019

Bennett has taken off as a DITR prospect and if he hits his high ceiling could be a force in the majors. Signed as an IFA for just $80K, Bennett could end up being a complete steal. Bennett grew up in Cananea, Mexico, which is just across the border from Bisbee, Arizona. Although not signed until he was 22, Bennett tore up the Mexican version of WIS and was ready for a new challenge.

Outfield - Brent Ely, Double A Padres

Runs: 140 Hits: 173 HR: 42 RBI: 133 SB: 0

AVG: .306 OBP: .389 SLG: .602 OPS: .991

A supplemental first round pick in Season 48 out of Catawba Valley Community College, Ely started his career in Double A and has played there for three seasons. He projects out as a potential major leaguer for depth and it will be interesting to see what the plan is for Ely going forward, as he has been on some very good teams in the minors. Ely's uncle is Jim Youngblood, former NFL linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams.

Designated Hitter - Walt Bradshaw, Low A Braves

Runs: 200 Hits: 200 HR: 65 RBI: 209 SB: 3

AVG: .357 OBP: .450 SLG: .802 OPS: 1.252

Bradshaw had 209 RBI...209 RBI and an absolutely silly season. He dropped the mic after the season and retired. He was a fourth round pick by the Mets in Season 44 out of Canon City High School, where he was recruited by the University of Colorado to play quarterback, which is what prompted him to go lower in the draft, as he was the national high school player of the year. He stunned the sports world by entering minor league baseball and now is contemplating a return to Gridiron Dynasty.

Starting Pitcher - Buddy Hart, Double A Cubs

Games: 29 Games Started: 29 W-L: 17-1 Inn: 175.1

BB: 34 SO: 146 WHIP: 0.90 ERA: 1.23

The WHIP numbers and ERA numbers for Hart are absolutely insane. A supplemental first-round pick out of Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Hart has put together a very respectable minor league career and is on track to make it to the show. A knuckleballer, his velocity has probably kept him off prospect lists, but there is no doubt he figured something out last year.

Relief Pitcher - Julio Font, High A Dodgers

Games: 36 Saves: 34 W-L: 0-0 Inn: 33.0

BB: 7 SO: 29 WHIP: 0.97 ERA: 1.64

Finding the reliever of the year in the minors is always difficult. Although Font did not pitch a high number of innings, he was extremely effective when he was in there and rattled off 34 saves in just 33 innings of work. Font projects out as an outstanding situational reliever in the majors.

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