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Season 53 Owner Power Rankings

El Segundo, CA - For those who have competed in other leagues, Yount is rather competitive. Combined, it is a league that has won 201 World Series titles. Under the guidance of Pomeroy James, we created an algorithm to determine which owners you don't want to see because they win. For the purposes of the rankings, we have not included anyone that hasn't played 25 seasons yet.

Without further adieu, here are the Season 53 Owner Rankings:

Most Seasons: Axtell 504

Highest Division Championship %: pimpbotlove 54.24%

Highest Playoff %: pimpbotlove 75.28%

World Series Winner %: willsuave 15.08%

Best Winning %: pimpbotlove .581

Playoff Winning %: willsuave .574

Best Season: willsuave 129 wins

Worst Season: goldenbaer 32 wins


  1. NL East

  2. AL South

  3. NL South

  4. AL East

  5. NL West

  6. AL North

  7. NL North

  8. AL West

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