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Season 53 Top 100 Young Prospects

Kewaskum, WI - Washington reclaimed the crown of the top prospect, as last year's top prospect slid to 4th overall with the introduction of Aaron Rollins and Jake Baptist. Robert Hayes is an incredible hitter who has all-star written all over him. Washington has two of the top five, and as is typical, Milwaukee has half of the top fourteen with an astounding seven. For the second straight year, Washington has the most prospects in the top 100 with thirteen, followed by Milwaukee with twelve. The Reds continue to feature a strong system with seven, while the Mariners, Rangers, Angels, and Braves all had over five. Per usual, the Rockies did not have a prospect, and this year, we had a high of four teams with that distinction (Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Dodgers).

Without further adieu, here are the top 100 prospects for Season 53:

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