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Top 100 Yount Prospects

Reno, NV- It is time to get your lederhosen out of the closet, as the Milwaukee Brewers farm system is stacked with 15 of the top 100 prospects, including the number one overall, Radhames Castro. Also, four of the top eight. Needless to say, the Brewers will be a dynasty provided they stay injury-free. The Yankees (8), Mets (7), Reds (6), Red Sox (5), Astros (5), Dodgers (5), Rays (5) and Colonels (5) all had over five selections. Only two teams did not have any top-100 prospects, as the Rockies and Blue Jays did not have anyone crack the list. Help is on the way for the Blue Jays, as they hold the number one overall pick in the upcoming draft. Without further adieu, here are the top 100 prospects for Season 44:

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